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Help us to continue to support individuals, freelancers and small organisationsDonate £10 via our local giving Grow Your Tenner campaign in October and the government will double your money!

How does it work?

Local Giving’s ‘Grow Your Tenner’ runs from 10am on Tuesday the 17th of October 2017 for a month, or until the match funding is gone. During this time, PANDA will be eligible to claim up to £2,500 of match funding. 

Why Grow Your Tenner for PANDA?

Who would have thought that you can dust off that tenner from under the sofa, give it to us and not only does this magic thing called LocalGiving* DOUBLE YOUR MONEY it could mean the difference between PANDA being able to provide its extensive and unique networking opportunities, development support, mentoring and leadership courses and, well, not being able to do it.

We have big big plans. This pot of money we will use as match-funding  to support our development and expansion to make us more robust, more proactive and better able to serve you, all of you, in post-Brexit Tory Britain. We are right this minute considering options and how to strengthen our support for you.

Please pop a tenner in the pot by clicking here.

For those who wish to give more than £10 please do - or spread your donations via Localgiving Direct Debits for £3 per month or more for 3 months. On top of all this, we can benefit from Gift Aid for all you donate so your money has extra value to us right now.

Thanks – we’re counting on you.