Arts Council Survey: Disabled People working in the Arts

Posted on: 15th February 2016 at 00:00
Posted by: PANDA
Location: England
Discipline: Multi-disciplinary

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EW Group, a specialist diversity consultancy, is working with Arts Council England on a programme of research to better understand the experiences of disabled people working in arts and culture in England.  Arts Council England approaches its work on disability equality from the perspective of the social model of disability.

EW Group are running this survey as part of the research to ensure they can capture as many views as possible, learn from you about good practice and options and identify potential actions for the future. They are interested in the views of people currently working in or with the arts and cultural sector, both disabled and non-disabled, of employers, of those who aspire to work in the sector, and those currently out of work. You will be ‘routed’ through the survey so you don’t have to answer irrelevant questions to your situation, but if any seem to not apply to you simply tick the ‘Not applicaple’ option.
All responses will be kept confidential and anonymous. The responses will be analysed to identify themes and patterns and comments may be used from the submissions but these will be anonymised in any report or other use.
If you have any question regarding the research or the survey, please contact Anna Kaariainen from EW Group via anna.kaariainen@theewgroup.com

To take part in the survey click here