Brexit Effects Survey

Posted on: 01st August 2016 at 00:00
Posted by: PANDA
Location: UK
Discipline: Other

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Arts Quarter has now launched its survey inviting arts organisations to share insights into possible impacts on the arts and cultural sectors on the UK's vote to leave the European Union.

What has followed since 23rd June has been a period of significant change and the start of a period of reflection about what this shift in our position in the world will mean for all of us in the sector.  There has been a raft of predictions and some initial economic tremors. What lies ahead remains uncertain.

At this time and in advance of the process of exit commencing in earnest in the Autumn, we are inviting arts professionals to share their views and insights on what this change in our will mean in its broadest sense but critically looking at the financial implications across fundraised and earned revenues in the immediate and medium term.

Organisations and independent artists are invited to share their views and predictions on how Brexit is affecting and might continue to impact on the sector and critically, what needs to happen over the coming years to enable arts and culture in the UK to thrive.

To take part in this online survey, click here

This survey will remain live until 26th August 2016.  Findings will be published before the end of September.


Please contribute to this survey - it is vitally important the voice of northern artists/organisations and that of independents, freelancers and smaller organisations is heard as there some of the issues affect these groups within our membership & networks are different and need to be raised.