Choreographic Perambulations

Posted on: 03rd October 2012 at 13:48
Posted by: PANDA
Location: West Yorks
Discipline: Dance

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Last month Instant Dissidence undertook Choreographic Perambulations, a research and development tour of Eastern Europe. Between 18th and 31st August Rita Marcalo joined Croatian dramaturge Ivana Ivkovic on a journey across Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Lithuania. Together they conducted a series of interviews, observations, interventions and ideas testing interventions.


They also performed 552/36514 in Kaliningrad (Russia), a guerrilla performative action responding to the 100 year ban on gay parades in Moscow and to the two-year imprisonment of Pussy Riot.


The research also explored the connections between those countries, and the Polish, Lithuanian an Ukrainian communities in Bradford, and Bradford-based artist Claire Greenwood facilitated a series of interventions with local people in the city. Other Instant Dissidence artists involved were Lucy Barker and Carma Fernandes.

Our blog, and contribute to our research: http://choreographicperambulations.wordpress.com/.


This is the second stage of a research and development process to develop an outdoor performance project which will tour Europe in 2014. The work is funded by the EU Cultural Fund, produced by the Theatre in the Mill (UK) and Intercult (Sweden), and Dance4 are associate producers.  It is taking place as part of Corners:  http://cornersofeurope.org/about.