DCMS Seek Feedback on Arts Council

Posted on: 30th August 2016 at 00:00
Posted by: PANDA
Location: England
Discipline: Other

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The DCMS (Dept of Culture, Media & Sport) have launched a review of Arts Council and are seeking your feedback via an online survey. You can contribute and/or find out more by following the links provided.


Part One of the Tailored Review will consider the Arts Council’s position and its status as a DCMS­ sponsored Non­ Departmental Public Body (NDPB):

?  Whether the functions performed by the Arts Council remain appropriate for a NDPB

?  How the Arts Council’s performance and effectiveness is assessed

?  The Arts Council’s standing; its engagement and its influence with stakeholders

In Part Two, the review will go on to consider: Efficiency and effectiveness

?  The Arts Council’s delivery of its current set of functions and responsibilities

?  How the Arts Council's priorities align with the government's priorities of ensuring the opportunities of arts and culture are available to everyone regardless of background and benefit communities across the country.

?  How the Arts Council sets priorities and makes investment decisions

?  The Arts Council’s role as development agency

?  How the Arts Council advocates for the arts and culture

?  How the Arts Council influences public attitudes and behaviours

?  How the Arts Council innovates and how it plans for the future

?  How the Arts Council works with other organisations to reduce costs

?  How the Arts Council manages its estate

?  How the Arts Council uses digital services, including in its internal cost management


?  The DCMS oversight arrangements for the Arts Council

?  The effectiveness of the Arts Council Board and how this is assessed

?  Whether the governance controls in place follow “good practice”

?  the Arts Council’s internal structures, and the regional v central governance model