Ideas Tap Closing Due To Lack Of Funds

Posted on: 09th March 2015 at 00:00
Posted by: PANDA
Location: UK
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So PANDA is unsuprised but sad to learn that Ideas Tap, a multimillion pound website based initiative to connect those wishing to work in the arts to jobs and opportunities in the arts, has announced closure.
This charity, whose origins were formed in 2008 with investment of almost £3m from philanthropist Peter De Hann, with an annual investment of £2.5m a year until 2014.

Other funders, such as the Sky Academy and Arts Council England were unable to replace the 2.5m to enable IdeasTap to operate.

Twelve employees were made redundant in December after it was made clear the charity could no longer raise enough funds to continue.

The charity, which had an income of just under £2.9m and an expenditure of £2.4m in the year to April 2014, said it had supported 190,000 artists in film, theatre and other creative industries with mentoring, training and skills development through links with 51 partners including the National Youth Theatre and the British Film Institute.

De Haan, former chief financial officer at Saga - the company that serves the needs of the over-50s - told Third Sector that for the past 12 months IdeasTap had been searching for alternative sources of funding without success. He said that fundraising for skills charities was notoriously difficult.

"I tried for four years to get corporates to engage with this skills side," he said. "I approached more than 400 organisations, but only five showed interest and none of them could provide any funding. The problem is that we’re not sexy."

De Haan said the likelihood of a last-minute funder saving the charity was negligible.

He said IdeasTap would honour its commitment to projects at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August, but its activities would generally be wound down by the end of June. Its legacy site, which showcases existing talent, would continue for the time being, the charity said. 

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09 March 2015 by Beena Nadeem