NCIA Closure

Posted on: 19th November 2015 at 00:00
Posted by: PANDA
Location: UK
Discipline: Other

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The National Coalition of Independent Action (NCIA) has made the decision to close, stating:

 'We cannot save the charity sector from government - it can only save itself.

We believe charities will not fight for their beneficiaries and the future for social justice lies in grassroots activism'

The following text is taken from the open letter which can be read in full via the link provided:

Over the last 10 years NCIA has rung an alarm bell alerting us to the progressive silencing of charities and voluntary groups as a force to resist the impoverishment of people and communities, the loss of rights and the privatisation of public services. Whilst we have not always agreed with NCIA’s positions, its voice has been essential in reminding us of the duty to dissent within civil society. A duty often lost in the clamour for public service contracts and insider influence.

But, as NCIA’s closing statement says, “something else is needed to occupy the space we have taken”. In particular, NCIA calls for continuing the alliances built between voluntary services, activists, unions, academics and others determined to halt the erosion of social protections, the rise of gross inequality, the worship of profit and the demonisation of those damaged by such ideologies – both inside and outside the UK.