PANDA EU Funding Success!

Posted on: 03rd May 2017 at 00:00
Posted by: PANDA
Location: International
Discipline: Writing

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We’re thrilled to announce that as part of an international consortium, PANDA will be involved in delivering 'Fabulamundi - Playwriting Europe: Beyond Borders'. EU large scale cooperation funding has been awarded to this project, to which PANDA is a core partner.

Our application was one of only 15 awarded funds out of the 111 submitted applications.

Fabulamundi is a 43-month project developed by 15 partners from 10 EU member states (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Poland, United Kingdom and Czech Republic). The project will create a European network focused on the promotion, translation and increased mobility of playwrights and new plays. 

PANDA's role is to create and co-ordinate a physical and online international network for all those interested in new writing. We believe this success will be beneficial across our membership and we're excited to see what future opportunities this will present. It will certainly help us to make more connections across Europe, raising the profile of PANDA and our membership. Our first task will be to find match funding to enable us to involve our members and maximise the legacy of the project in the UK.

PANDA is keen to ensure new opportunities for cultural exchange continue, especially in the wake of Brexit, and are delighted to have this opportunity to forge stronger connections with inspiring and dynamic European programmers, venues and artists.