PANDA member of the Year 2015

Posted on: 08th February 2016 at 00:00
Posted by: PANDA
Location: Greater North
Discipline: Music

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Congratulations to Oliver Carpenter

Awarded PANDA member of the Year 2015!
Why? Oliver engaged fully with our rural touring pilot in Shropshire last year, taking every opportunity to learn and challenge himself, despite already being a seasoned performer and promoter. 
Following the Shropshire Rural Touring Mentoring Scheme, Oliver got off his self-proclaimed 'plateaux' and along with his band Mumbo Jumbo, went into full scale successful rural touring! 
Not only that, but we were so impressed with the news that his self-financing Upton Blues Festival - apart from winning Festival of the Year at the British Blues Awards 2015 - has generated profit which has been invested into his local community. 
We LOVE this highly tangible example of the arts contributing to the local economy. In addition, Oliver offered the opportunity to young PANDA members to be involved in the site management of this festival in 2015. Sadly few took up the opportunity - we hope he doesn't give up on this idea - look out for the call out for 2016!
Full interview with Oliver in the resources section on our website but here's an excerpt:

I am a musician (singer, songwriter and trumpeter) playing in an acoustic trio Mumbo-Jumbo – www.mumbo-jumbo.biz – we were recently on the PANDA Rural Touring Mentoring Scheme. It accounts for 30% of my time and generates 20% of my income. I am also Chair of the Upton Blues Festival organising committee. Festival of the Year in the British Blues Awards 2015 and Britain’s biggest free blues festival and a profitable (and now donating excess profits to charity) and completely self supporting event. I have also launched and run 18 small music festivals over the last seven years.