PANDA Rural Touring Scheme 2015 Selected Artists

Posted on: 04th June 2015 at 00:00
Posted by: PANDA
Location: Greater North
Discipline: Multi-disciplinary

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We're delighted to introduce the 7 selected artists/companies for our 2015 Rural Touring Mentoring scheme in partnership with the northern consortium of rural touring network managers. 

All will soon be attending the Pitching Day, hosted this year by Cheshire Rural Touring, in order to meet scheme managers, programmers and promoters and discuss developing work for the rural touring circuits.

Louise Fazackerley - The Sleepover - an urban re-telling of the Princess and the Pea aimed at modern families. Storytelling meets poetry meets physical theatre, underscored by music with lots of joining-in!

URBAN Conceptz Theatre Inside My Mind Light Remix ; the piece takes a creative look inside the mind of a very unique individual as he journeys through his thoughts, memories and troubled past. The company uses physicality and inventiveness in a creative way to paint enchanting soundscapes

Ori Dance - Tales of the Tides; Capoeira, dance and music will transport rural communities to the streets of Brazil with explosive physicality, enchanting live music and captivating stories, with a cocktail thrown in for good measure!

Stefan Escreet - Chef Show; backstage tales of what it's like to work on a busy Saturday night in the local restaurant; joined on the night by a chef from a local restaurant offering a cookery demonstration.

Gemma Christie and Chris Salt - Gemma climbs her Mountain; a multi-media collaboration with a successful opera singer who contracted ME in the early stages of her career. The piece aims to entertain, inform and stimulate debate about living with an incurable disease.

Cheryl Martin Alaska;  a one-woman show inspired by Cheryl's eponymous poetry collection which explores the poet's experience of mental illness and hospitalisation through lyrical monologues, interactive digital art and song with heart and humour.

Box of Tricks Theatre Chip Shop Chips; focussing on love at different ages and celebrating the nation's favourite food. This is theatre, but not as you know it; dinner, dance and a show all rolled into one.