Report Highlights Imbalance of Cultural Spend

Posted on: 01st November 2013 at 00:00
Posted by: PANDA
Location: England
Discipline: Other

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A new report compiled from independent research has recently been published which highlights the cultural spend imbalance between London and the regions. Details from the authors and download the report in full from their website - link provided.
'Our recommendations flow firstly from our analysis of the status quo in the disposition of taxpayer and lottery player funds for the arts across the country and, secondly, our belief that change – in time profound change – is required in this pattern of investment if the arts in england are to realise their full potential not only in the lives of citizens and communities but also for our rapidly evolving national cultures, society and economy.
We offer this first submission on rebalancing resources for cultural production as evidence to inform and stimulate debate on the future direction and public sector support of arts and cultural policy in england that will be carried forward in england over the coming two years. We look forward to playing a part 
in that debate.'