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Leadership Lab is a dynamic partnership between four North West based organisations – PANDA, GMMAZ (Greater Manchester Music Action Zone), Music Leader North West, and Substance.

Leadership Lab is funded by the Cultural Leadership Programme Meeting the Challenge development programme.

During 2010, Leadership Lab is delivering an ambitious programme of leadership-themed events that embrace risk and creativity. These events are delivered under a series of different strands:

Imperfect Pilots
Invited speakers inspire participants to embrace new ideas, develop innovative strategic leadership approaches and consider what lies at the heart of excellent leadership.

Pitch Perfect
Intensive training, delivered by specialists, to give skills and confidence in presenting yourself, your message or your company.  Aimed to strengthen not only the ability to “sell” ideas but also improve communication skills as advocates for our sectors.

The Knowledge
We are committed to sharing the experience and knowledge acquired through the project. As part of our core activity we are delivering a series of joint partnership events for our wider networks that look at the challenges of effective leadership.

Action Learning
Action Learning is an accelerated learning tool which can be applied to any number of different work-related and/or personal issues and challenges. Action Learning groups or 'sets' meet regularly in order to explore solutions to real life problems and decide on the action(s) to be taken.

International Placements
Partner organisations embark upon international placement projects, designed to develop leadership skills and explore new models. Under this strand, the Director visited New Zealand to explore models of community leadership, and the Network Manager lead a research and development trip to Berlin - the findings of which are available in the PANDA Berlin Guide.