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Subrosa is a new social centre, and is up and running in 27 Lloyd Street South Moss Side. We’ve already had lots of interesting events including gigs, film screenings, skill shares, discussions, talks and social events – we'd love to have more! 


Subrosa is a social centre and vegan community cafe run by volunteers. It aims to provide a space where we can meet new people and share ideas over a brew and some tasty, affordable food. We want to create a space where we invite a change in society - be it environmental, social, emotional, political or economical - and where we can socialise, share and organise without any form of oppression.

We believe in everyone having an equal say; that communities working together and helping each other is the way forward to create a better world for all. Subrosa doesn’t have leaders but instead operates as a non-hierarchical cooperative.  

We are keen to involve the people living and working in our neighbourhood and to have Subrosa meet their needs. We don’t want to just “provide a service”, we want this to be everybody’s space, and for the local community to be empowered to take an active part in the project. There are many ways in which this can be done – volunteering in the cafe, hosting one-off events/ongoing community projects there, and just generally using the space!


Who are we?

Subrosa was set up by a group of people who believe in self-organising and creating sustainable communities. We are mostly based in south Manchester, and are workers, students, unemployed, retired, etc. We are keen for the group to grow and involve local people of any age, skills and experience with community groups.

How to book an Event at Subrosa

All details explained here:



What kinds of events can happen at Subrosa?

Anything really! See our calendar to check out previous events – we want the space to be used so get in touch if you have are interested in putting an event on. It's not an exhaustive list but here are some ideas;

  • Workshops / talks  / film screenings
  • Spoken word / poetry / storytelling
  • Gigs / Open Mic Nights / Quizes / fun stuff– particularly for Fridays and Saturdays, but other nights of the week too! (also get in touch if you are up for hosting a regular night!)
  • Meetings [m1] (closed meetings would need to be at times when we are not open to the public, e.g. in the evenings on Sunday – Tuesday)
  • Skillshares / Making things
  • Food events – we have a kitchen so this can be used for events when the cafe is not open, or if you are interested in volunteering on an evening & cooking food linked to the event you want to put on that's also possible
  • A combination of the above or anything you want! We want the space to be used for anything that gets people thinking, talking, singing, shouting, dancing... if you are not sure if your event is suitable just get in touch on events[at]manchestersocialcentre.org.uk.

We normally don’t charge for events but we do accept donations to help cover the space costs. If your event is profit making or if you would like to charge on the door please discuss it with us first.


Facilities & Access

Subrosa is one single open plan space, we also have a kitchen and toilet. There are two steps to get into the space from street level and we have a foldable wheel chair access ramp which can be put out. The toilet has been adapted to be more accessible than it was and is spacious with a wide door, though it is not currently fully accessible. It is possible to access the kitchen with a wheelchair, but the counters are not at an accessible level and the floor is uneven.

Contact details


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