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Musician, poet and project manager Anwen Lewis roasts coffee on a bespoke, personalised basis - a perfect local christmas gift. Read on to find out more...

Personal intro:
I had to dip out of the contemporary poetry and composition scene when I was blessed with 3 kids!  I don't have evenings or weekends, nor much free 'creative' space in my head at the moment.  So I'm currently pursuing another passion in life - coffee!!  I haven't totally left the field though, check out our s/m sites for the odd haiku and a poetry competition to win kilos of coffee in the new year.... Anwen Lewis, Sales Director Tankcoffee (composer/poet/animateur/LiveAMP)

Christmas gift of gourmet coffee
Roasted, gift-wrapped and posted to your loved ones - give the gift of freshly roasted coffee this Christmas.  We have a special limited edition bean from Ethiopia that we're roasting to post out just before Christmas.  Visit www.tankcoffee.com to place your order now - once the edition's gone, it's gone.  Just £10 includes a personalised giftcard and wrap, accompanying a generous 400g box of golden deliciousness that you'll definitely receive a thank you note/email/text for!  It will fit neatly through a letterbox, and we make an additional contribution towards projects for our African farming communities for every purchase.