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The course will encourage you to think more positively about yourself, others and the world around you and improve your outlook, communication and relationships. It ultimately aims to help you be more focused, confident and motivated in life so that you can achieve your life, work or relationship goals. 

The course aims to make your path clearer to you in the face of growing pressures in the workplace, with personal circumstances or within society. You will feel more connected to the world, have a new found confidence in yours and other’s abilities as well as evolve more steadily into who you are. 

This course is not just for those who need a little motivation, but also for those wanting to explore the power that we all have within us and discover how to unlock it for the endless possibilities that exist. 

The course helps you to remove personal blocks and barriers as well as feel more confident to support others in their journey, knowing how to approach situations and get the most out of people. We want to have an impact on individuals and those who work with people to be able to continue doing what we do, achieve more, and do it easily, whilst being happier and healthier. 

Natasha Boojihawon leads the course bringing together her experience and knowledge as a Reiki practitioner, nutrition trainee and company director to demonstrate the ideas using an inter-disciplinary and holistic approach. 

Learn how to: 

 Achieve greater clarity, focus and motivation. 

 Be more calm and confident. 

 Think more positively & achieve your goals. 

 Support others better in their journey. 


Tuesday 16th December 2014, 9.30am – 5pm 

Location: Union Street Media Arts, 20 East Union Street, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9EA 

Course Fee(s): £60 per person

Contact & Booking: Natasha Boojihawon at training@unionstreetmediaarts.com or call 0161 877 3124 for information