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Social Media Campaigning & Influencing - Beginners 

Have you been thinking about setting up social media profiles for your organisation but aren’t sure if it is right for you? If you’re at the start - then begin your social media learning journey with us! 

This course has been developed by a team of social entrepreneurs who have run successful campaigns raising awareness on important issues to local and international audiences as well as engaging with decision-makers and politicians using a variety of digital media tools. 

We help you to develop a framework for assessing your current social media usage, how to choose platforms, the basic elements of setting up social media platforms and how you can use social media to demonstrate your impact and influence others. Included are our top tips, case studies, tools and resources for developing social media campaigns. 

This course is suitable for people with little or no social media experience. 

You will leave with a package of tools and knowledge that will be of practical use in your organisation and can be shared with others. Bring a wi-fi enabled laptop or tablet (although laptop is preferable for ease of use). 

Part of the programme eligible for EU funding via the PANDA BSUS scheme. To book, please email info@panda-arts.org.uk BEFORE 10th NOVEMBER